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From the DESE webpage , the Recertification Guidelines state:

PDPs will not be awarded for attendance at a professional conference.

Q:  Are there any instances where conference participants can earn PDPs?
A:  Yes, educators may receive PDPs for attendance at a professional conference only in the following instances:

•  Registered professional development providers may award PDPs for conference attendance when educators participate in a conference for 10 hours or more on a topic with an observable demonstration of learning that could include a written product or other product that can be documented. Registered providers should issue Certificates of Attendance when educators participate in a conference that is less than 10 hours in a topic.

•  Districts may award PDPs to educators for conference attendance after the successful completion of a professional conference (as evidenced by a Certificate of Attendance) with follow-up activities at the district level that combined with conference attendance total 10 hours or more. Follow-up activities at the district level must include an observable demonstration of learning that could include a written product or other product that can be documented.

•  Educators are eligible to receive 30 PDPs from the conference provider or district the first time they make a presentation at a professional conference in a five-year renewal cycle.

More information on PDPs from MSLA:

Each district can plan, assess, and approve professional development as it wishes, but the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has guidelines for teachers to keep track of their own Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs) and Professional Development Points (PDPs).  Principals and other administrators rely on teachers to provide documentation that supports their professional educational activities that was previously approved (signed by teacher and principal).  MSLA provides Certificates of Attendance or Certificates of Completion to participants in its professional development offerings like one-day workshops and the annual conference. You can use these certificates for "self-accounting" purposes.

Each teacher's IPDP contains goals and objectives to which each certificate or PDP can be linked.  Goals are met through products that created as a result of attending conferences, seminars, workshops and other sessions where instruction and information are provided.  Usually, 10 PDPs toward a teacher's goals is considered a group value for a product. For example, if you have a technology, literature, or information literacy goal, sessions at the annual MSLA conference or an MSLA- or MLS-sponsored one-day workshop could promote that goal, but the completion of the product is up to you.  Showcasing your new webpage or blog for a department meeting could be the culmination of several work sessions with colleagues and attendance at a workshop or two.  Attending author sessions at a conference might be part of your goal to improve your knowledge of YA literature.  For your product, you might facilitate a book discussion group, or give a series of book talks for classes.

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