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From the Forum Editor, Ann Perham  Ann Perham

What’s YOUR New Year’s Resolution?
What will be YOUR Beginnings?

School Librarians are so lucky because our year has TWO beginnings. September is filled with the excitement of new classes, new students and new staff. January is a bit more mellow, with the calm that follows the holidays and introspection of the New Year. When we start back to school, it’s not the start of a term (for most of us) and we return to the same students, schedules and staff. It’s an ideal time to make some resolutions that will improve us, our programs, and our profession

This Winter Forum has some new beginnings. I’m excited to introduce our new features and columns:

  • My Turn: Ever want to get up on a soapbox and share a few thoughts? Brian Tata is our lead-off batter with his thoughtful article, “To Make a Permanent Impression.” Each Forum issue will offer the mic to a member, so step right up!
  • The PULSE: News in the School Library World promises to cover a range of celebrations, contests, developments and personalities across the nation. (Note….help wanted … we are looking for an editor for this feature. This would be a great way to participate in MSLA.)
  • MLS: Making the Connection with editor, Susan Babb makes its debut. Look for a steady stream of info to help us improve our programs.
  • Working SMARTER with Leslie Schoenherr in the editor spot. What an amazing collection of tips from our members. It's been said already, but it's true: don't work harder, work smarter! Sharing is what school librarians do best. Be sure to send Leslie your best practices .

I've got some resolutions for the Forum future, too. Our February issue will add more features:

  • Hot Button Issues will be exactly what it sounds like, with "Volunteers...A Two-Edged Sword" as our kick-off topic.  I'm looking for an editor, so please don't be shy. The Forum will be best with the input of many members and I know that we have some very capable folks looking for an opportunity to contribute.
  • Member News will be a new column...a chance to SHOUT for MSLA members. Nancy Stenberg will be editing this feature and inviting your submissions. It's time for some good news, and sharing of our successes so please let Nancy hear about your news .
  • Students Tell Our Stories is still in my plan....perhaps not for February, but soon. This will be an advocacy feature that highlights the impact of school libraries, from students' perspective. The feature was actually a suggestion of Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan made at a meeting with AASL in June 2010. This is another way that you could fulfill your resolution to contribute to your chosen profession. Let me know if you are interested.

My professional resolutions are wide-ranging:

  • Exporting my Delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks (after hearing that Delicious is “for sale”….it makes me nervous!)
  • Reading Knowledge Quest cover-to-cover when it first arrives. Honestly, KQ is an amazing publication – a huge benefit of membership in AASL.If yu aren't already a member, consider joining for the good of our chosen profession.
  • Registering for the AASL conference, October 21-27 in Minneapolis. This is THE most amazing professional opportunity for school librarians. My first AASL conference was in 2003 (Kansas City) and I have attended every one since. It’s 100% focused on school librarians, 100% terrific.
  • Giving myself permission to stop reading a book that is less than terrific. I read a lot (it's my secret for weight loss) and I need a book that engages and grips me.
  • Familiarizing myself with more of the AASL 25 Best Websites
  • Nominating deserving colleagues for awards. It was JFK who said, “A Nation reveals itself not only by the individuals it produces, but by those it honors.” What better way to SHOUT about the great things that happen in the "Nation" of School Libraries?  I plan on writing some letters of nomination for some terrific school librarians.
I sincerely wish for you the gift of Exciting Beginnings and Fulfilled Resolutions.


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