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It's all about VOLUNTEERS!Ann Perham

This issue of the MSLA Forum has an agenda - Volunteers. I actually have two parts to this agenda. 

First, I am seeking VOLUNTEERS for this publication. Although the Little Red Hen is my patron saint (if you want something it yourself), I sincerely believe in the importance of involvement. YOUR involvement makes MSLA a stronger organization and you a more connected School Librarian. Here are some ways for you to better MSLA and yourself: 

  • PULSE is a column that highlights news in the school library world and it has a "Help Wanted" sign....please consider collecting information posted by the ALA and AASL newsletters, scouring the blogs, and keeping your ears/eyes open for local news. Check out this issue's column.
  • MY TURN is an opportunity for anyone to step up and expound on something - sort of an open microphone. In the 1.1.11 issue of the Forum, Brian Tata had his about you?
  • Write an may see my call for articles on the MSLA listserv, but consider this your open invitation to report on an author visit, a new development in your school...there are no requirements, only that it's interesting to our membership.
  • Hot Button Issues are exactly what they sound like. Last month, I did a survey of our members on the topic of Volunteers in our school libraries. Please feel free to follow my lead with your own topic, or to write up a question that you posted to our listserv.

Second, I am reporting on a Hot Button Issue, Volunteers: + or - ?   It turned out to be such a huge topic that I am separating it into sections. This issue has the benefits and downsides of volunteers. In the April Forum, we will have additional reports. Rachel Hopkins will share her Simmons GSLIS project on "Best Practices" with volunteers and I will complete my distillation of the survey results. Don't Whine...SHOUT!

I have always believed in the mantra, "Don't Whine, SHOUT" and it's more important than ever to present a positive face with positive results. It's a scary time to be in education and school libraries are definitely in the cross hairs of the cuts. We cannot prevent cuts, but we can change minds on where the cuts are taken.  So, VOLUNTEER! Step up! Be Seen!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 27 February 2011 )

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