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Note: This feature column is looking for an editor; please contact Forum Editor, Ann Perham if you are interested.

Sue BallardSue Ballard, "Learning and the Jungonauts" on the ASCD "Whole Child Blog"
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"Connecting with the connected means consideration of where 21st-century students learn. They are not so much place-based as virtual-space-based. They learn everywhere. We need to understand their comfort zones and new habitats, and remain connected ourselves. We are not the only ones asking them to pay attention in class anymore. We have serious competition 24/7 from the virtual world-at-large." Sue's article is thoughtful and timely. 

Besides writing for ASCD, Sue found time to be a judge for the 2011 MSLA Bookmark Contest. She is the director of library media and technology services for the Londonderry (N.H.) School District, chair of Whole Child Partner the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Standards and Guidelines Implementation Task Force, and an emerging Jungonaut. She is a candidate for the AASL President in the March 2011 election.

Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century    Digital Media
The program aired nationally on February 13th.  This is an excellent conversation-starter with administrators, faculty, parents and students. Use it as an advocacy tool! From the website:
Targeted at parents, teachers and anyone concerned with education in America, this one-hour documentary takes viewers to the front lines of an education revolution. Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century examines how mobile devices and digital media practices can empower young people to direct their own learning.  Documenting five success stories both inside and out of the classroom, the program demonstrates how digital media, games, smart phones and the Internet are fundamentally transforming the way young people communicate, collaborate, participate and learn in the 21st Century. Featuring leading experts, thinkers, and practitioners in the field, Digital Media is a startling preview of a 21st Century education.

Not your Grandmother's Library!
The  ISTE "Learning & Leading" magazine  features librarians Joyce Valenza, Chad Lehman, Keisa Williams, & Wendy Stephens.  This would be an excellent advocacy tool for your library program. READ the article

MMMMMM! Google has a Delicious Importer
Google has just rolled a tool to import your Delicious bookmarks, labels and tags . You will need to log into your Google Account (or establish one) to accomplish the import operation.

Whither the research paper?
Maura Smale writes in the ACRLog on February 18th, “Should all college students have the experience of writing a formal academic research paper? And, if so, why?” She goes on to confess that, “I’m stuck on this question because in my gut I feel that yes, the research paper is a valuable assignment for all students. But the justifications that come to mind most readily have to do with the value of writing in general: writing helps us think through issues thoroughly, forces us to make choices about what’s important about the topic, and improves communication skills, which are critical to any career…. I’ve been thinking on ideas for next semester, strategies to use to help students work on their summarizing skills and ability to synthesize material from multiple sources.” Ms. Smale’s thoughts as well as the responses to the blog entry make for some very interesting reading for all who teach research.

Advocacy works: IMLS, LSTA Funding Saved 
On February 14th, U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) introduced an amendment that would eliminate all funding for the Institute of Museum and Library Services which includes LSTA. Thanks to a grassroots outcry, Amendment 35 to H.R. 1 was defeated. READ MORE from the ALA Washington Office. 

Making the case for Facebook in education
Most schools block Facebook, but should this policy be revisited? This slideshare presentation gives us much to think about.

Our Authors, Our Advocates
From ALA President, Roberta Stevens: “I’ve long believed that authors are natural allies of libraries. Especially in these challenging times, they understand the key role that libraries and library staff play in the economic, social and educational fabric of our nation. They can speak passionately on the importance of not only sustaining, but increasing support for libraries. My presidential initiative, Our Authors, Our Advocates: Authors Speak Out for Libraries, is a new campaign that enlists America’s authors to become articulate and powerful spokespeople for libraries. Please help fuel the national dialogue on America’s libraries. Spread the word. These public services announcements are available for placement on your library’s website and for sharing with your library’s advocates.

Travel grants to AASL National Conference
AASL is offering 30 grants for travel to its 15th National Conference and Exhibition in Minneapolis, October 27–30. The $750 grants for first-time attendees of the conference are sponsored by Bound To Stay Bound Books. The application deadline is March 8; READ MORE

AASL Position on ESEA Reauthorization
READ the entire article
AASL has issued a position statement on the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). AASL holds the following position on the four key education assurances that will be addressed in the upcoming Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act:

  1. Adopting internationally benchmarked standards and assessments that prepare students for success in college and the workplace
  2. Recruiting, developing, retaining, and rewarding effective teachers and principals
  3. Building data systems that measure student success and inform teachers and principals how they can improve their practices
  4. Turning around our lowest-performing schools

AASL Launches Video Contest for Students
Through March 18, students may submit videos detailing how their school library and technology empowers them to be Learners4Life. Winners will be announced at the start of School Library Month on April 1, 2011.

Each video should visually illustrate the four standards for student learning - Think, Create, Share, and Grow - and how technology relates to each:

  • Think: Using technology to access information and pursue inquiry. For example, the school network, the internet, wireless networks.
  • Create: Using technology to create products that express new understandings. For example, using video cameras to create an educational film.
  • Share: Using technology to organize and display knowledge that others can use; participate and collaborate with others. For example, web conferencing, video conferencing.
  • Grow: Using technology to seek information for personal learning; join social networks to gather and share information. For example, finding free music lessons or other courses online.

READ all contest rules and guidelines, on the Learning4Life in My School Library contest page and learn more on the SchoolTube site.
Study Shows New Jersey School Librarians are Cost-Effective
Read the entire report in  PDF:
The Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (CISSL) has published Phase 1 of its study, One Common Goal: Student Learning. It shows that New Jersey school library programs staffed by certified school librarians are cost-effective in helping students achieve higher standards, and critical for the intellectual, social, and cultural development of students.


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