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Elevensies is a group of authors whose debut novels release in 2011. The great thing about getting a bunch of authors together is that they can't wait to give away some books! Which is where the 2011 Book Feast comes in. Here's the official announcement:

The Elevensies want to share our books with librarians and readers. So we're hosting a major giveaway that runs throughout the year. Librarians, this is your chance to stock your shelves with the latest fiction crafted to appeal to the varied tastes of your readers. Readers, you can win prize packages with tons of titles you'll love!

To find out how to win prizes for your library, visit the 2011 Book Feast website

Sarah ChessmanINTERVIEW with Anna Staniszewski by Sarah Chessman

A few weeks ago, I posted a message about the Elevensies on the MSLA listserv.  When I was asked to give a little more information about the group for this forum, I thought what better way to do that than to interview a member!  Below is my interview with Elevensies member Anna Staniszewski, whose first novel, My Un-Fairy Tale Life, comes out this September.  I asked her to talk a bit about the Elevensies and how an organization like theirs can help librarians. 

Can you tell us a little about the Elevensies?

The Elevensies is a group of traditionally-published authors whose debut novels for children and young adults come out in 2011. Membership in the group is free and open to any authors whose debut novels meet the requirements. The group’s main presence is on its website where the authors can get to know each other, and where readers can find out more about the books and their creators. While it’s not a marketing group, the Elevensies will be having giveaways throughout the year to celebrate the release of our debuts.Anna Staniszewski

How did the group get its name?

The name “Elevensies” refers to the year our books will be released, and it’s also a term used to describe a mid-morning snack. The group before us, whose debuts released in 2010, were known as the Tenners, and the 2012 debuts are aptly named The Apocalypsies.

How has being a member been helpful to you?

Having your first book published is exciting, but it can also feel a little scary and overwhelming; that’s why being part of a group of authors who are also going through the process is so helpful. We cheer each other on and chime in with advice and encouragement when it’s needed. There are a few other Elevensies in the New England area, so I’m excited to meet them in person and possibly do some book events with them in the future.

Can you tell us about the Elevensies Book Feast and some of the other library-friendly things on the website?

The “Elevensies Book Feast” is a year-long giveaway broken into three seasons. Each season offers books by debut authors that librarians AND their readers can win. It’s all about sharing fresh new fiction and supporting institutions and people who are big supporters of debut authors. You can find more information at

Besides the Book Feast, our website features information about the Elevensies’ books and their authors, as well as listings of book signings and other events. There’s also a recurring segment called “Ask the Elevensies” where readers can ask us questions, and a “News at Eleven” segment where readers can get updates on the latest Elevensies happenings.

The Elevensies can be found at .

Groups like the Elevensies are very helpful for librarians and teachers, but there are so many resources that sometimes it’s hard to keep up.  I find out about a lot of these resources through people like Anna (who I know from grad school), and other people in the industry and am happy to pass them along to the teachers and students in my building (and other librarians!). These days, our students are able to have relationships with authors; they can follow them on Twitter, read their blogs and visit them at bookstores and local libraries.  By sharing information about book resources and events, we’re able to give students opportunities to discover new authors and new books.

One last plug.  Since Anna was kind enough to do this interview, I want to plug her website First Page Panda.  FPP is the brainchild of Anna and local YA author Alisa Libby.  Twice a week they post the first page of a new young adult or middle grade book, a bit about the author and some reviews.  It’s a great resource for finding out about new titles being released.  And they do a ton of giveaways!  Check it out at


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