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Student speakers on 3/28/11The MetroWest Legislative Breakfast on February 11th took place at Natick's Wilson Middle School. School Librarian Amy Bloom and a "lineup" of student advocates were impressive in telling their stories about how important their school library is. For the Legislative Day on March 28th, Amy joined forces with Katherine Rotkiewicz from the Kennedy Middle School. They brought their students and delivered moving messages for legislators at the Massachusetts State House. 

This is one of the essays:

Riley Mistrot, Grade 8, Wilson Middle School, NatickRiley Mistrot

Libraries are special, unique places, unlike any other.  I love the library.  I am anti-social, I don’t want to hang in the gym before school waiting to go to class.  Instead, the library has become the place for me to go in the morning.  I hang out and help Mrs. Bloom, this has become my favorite part of the day.

The library is a place where technology resides beside  books.  It needs funding to keep pace with 21st century curriculum.  We have to keep funding libraries so that they remain useful and helpful, not just a stuffy storage room for encyclopedias.

The library is the one place in the school that is accessible to all students, it is the heart of our school, and like the heart, blood needs to enter the heart in order for it to be distributed to the rest of the body.

Lots of programs run through the library that appeal to kids with varying interests.  March Madness, book swaps, after school cocoa and conversation, baseball fever reading competition.  These programs bring kids together.

Finally,  libraries are a bully free zone.  I am part of the peer leadership program at Wilson, and it’s made me aware of bullying.  Much of middle School bullying isn’t physical, it’s emotional.  The most common form of bullying is judgment:  what does your hair look like, clothes, smart, dumb, overweight, ….whatever.  When you walk in the library, that all goes away.  This is a safe judgment free place.  A place for all students.

Thank you

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